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It is often said that success is finding a need and filling it.  For those of us who grew up in The County (that uniquely special place, in uniquely special Maine), we've watched our beloved home change over the years with the Loring AFB closing and many of our best and brightest moving to distant places in search of jobs and adventure.  With that change came a large shift in our retail commerce, and the ability to find upscale apparel, furniture, health and beauty items, home decor and sporting goods without traveling hours south to find it.  Many of the boutique shops that we had lining our Main Streets in the County either retired and closed or consolidated to bigger cities.  


We wanted to bring back the ability to shop a curated collection of hand picked items not just from Bangor , Portland, Freeport or Boston but from Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Austin, Santa Fe,, LA, UK, Italy, Turkey, Australia and much more!   Our family is constantly traveling and discovering amazing finds and wonderfully talented craftsman from around the corner and halfway across the globe......we promise to bring it to you in a warm, inviting, comfortable atmosphere with zero pretentiousness!  We are committed to having a variety of items available across all budgets and price points.  Some items are a super value and some items you get what you pay for.......we wanted real leather, hand crafted and tailored to fit and that's what you will get.  

We can't promise you will love every item we bring back to the store.  but we do promise to keep it fresh and new and to listen to you.  You will see our offerings change over the seasons and months to reflect our recent travels, trade shows and new industry collaborations.   Check back often and be sure to give our staff feedback on what you love and what you'd like to see more of!


We can't wait to see you in the store!

Sandy, Nicole, Patty, Jenna, Isabel & Carrie

Flannel & Barrel 

Alanna, Nicole, Kim, Jenna, Paige, Breya, Danielle, Laura, Grace, Savannah  & Carrie

F&B Couture - Women's Store

Corey, Gavin & Carrie

F&B Couture - Men's Store

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